RSCIT QUIZ Android App

We are proudly announce that we have just launched a new android app


This android app will help you to get more marks in RSCIT Exam.

This app is having All & RSCIT Old Paper.

Practice Mode and Learning mode will work seamlessly.

This app is Destined Scientifically so you don,t need to Remember so hard.

As more and more you use this app it will automatically send all answers to your brain.

to get this app Click HERE

Setup instruction

BKINFOTECH_quiz_01 Click On Install Button BKINFOTECH_quiz_02

BKINFOTECH_quiz_03 Click on Open Button


Step 3 Type Your Name

Step 4 Type your 10 Digit Mobile Number

Setp 5 Hit Submit Button.  Thats it.

now you are ready to use this app.

How to Use This App

BKINFOTECH_quiz_26 Click on RSCIT_Quiz_v1 (Yellow Icon)





BKINFOTECH_quiz_08 Scroll Up and Down Hit any paper you want to do.

All OLD RSCIT EXAM Papers are Having Blue Button


Light Orange Button Box Represent Current Question number

Light Green Button Box Represent Number of total of Right Answers

Light Pink Button Box Represent Number of total of Wrong Answers

Green Round Button A, B, C, D are Options Button Turns Color Red wen Selected

Pink Submit Button to submit your Answer


if hit without selecting Option from A, B, C, D than it assumes that you don’t know answer so it will add to in wrong answers.

Next button will only work after you hit the submit button.

BKINFOTECH_quiz_10 if Question Does not load press back button on your Android Device and select paper Again



BKINFOTECH_quiz_17 At the end of Paper you got Final Detailed Result.

Paper 5, 6 ,7 Need Internet Connection.

if you want to make them local to your Device you need to hit Download / Update Button





BKINFOTECH_quiz_21  Done

now hit back button on your android Device and enjoy all papers offline without need of internet

you need internet connection to make papers offline by clicking Download / Upload button in pink color below all blue buttons of papers.


You can Share this app with your friends by Clicking on Tell A Friend Button

BKINFOTECH_quiz_23 hit the medium you want to share with

like By


Blue Tooth,

Google+ OR Gmail





any available source on your device, That’s it.

Internet Not Connected Errors

BKINFOTECH_quiz_31 BKINFOTECH_quiz_28 BKINFOTECH_quiz_29 Don’t worry you dont need internet Connetion if you already Downloaded the paper 5,6,7 by hiting Dounload./ Update Button on Home Screen

All The Best For your RSCIT Exam

Happy Learning



FREE RS-CIT QUIZ Practice Question and ALL OLD Papers Solved

ALL Previous 5 Papers have been converted into quiz for exam practice

RS-CIT के सभी पुराने 5 एक्जाम पेपर हिन्दी इंगलिश दोनों माध्यम मे सोल्वड

All Topic Converted in Both Hindi AND English Medium


  1. 02-03-2014 RS-CIT Exam Paper
  2. 19-01-2014 RS-CIT Exam Paper
  3. 28-10-2013 RS-CIT Exam Paper
  4. 18-08-2013 RS-CIT Exam Paper
  5. 11-08-2013 RS-CIT Exam Paper

RS-CIT Syllabus Covered

  1. MS-Word 2010
  2. MS-Excel 2010
  3. MS-PowerPoint 2010
  4. Internet

इस वीडियो को dekhe RS-CIT क्विज कैसे करना है

Both Book of RS-CIT Hindi and English All Lessons in form of RS-CIT Quiz

RS-CIT किताब के सभी 9 अध्याय हिन्दी इंगलिश दोनों माध्यम मे सोल्वड RS-CIT QUIZ के रूप मे

  1. Lesson-01 Hindi – English Both Medium
  2. Lesson-02 Hindi – English Both Medium
  3. Lesson-03 Hindi – English Both Medium
  4. Lesson-04 Hindi – English Both Medium
  5. Lesson-05 Hindi – English Both Medium
  6. Lesson-06 Hindi – English Both Medium
  7. Lesson-07 Hindi – English Both Medium
  8. Lesson-08 Hindi – English Both Medium
  9. Lesson-09 Hindi – English Both Medium

steps how to take RS-CIT Quiz from BK Infotech website




Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8




click here to take quiz



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FREE RS-CIT Course by State Govt.

RS-CIT कोर्स करें फ्री में

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महिला एवं बाल विकास विभाग द्वारा मुफ्त कंप्यूटर कोर्स

  • केवल बालिकाओ एवं महिलाओ के लिए
  • आयु सीमा (  16 वर्ष से 40 वर्ष तक )

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